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PowerAMP Music Player apk v1.1 for Android


PowerAMP Music Player v1.1-build-326
plays mp3, mp4/m4a (including alac), ogg, wma*, flac, wav, ape, wv, tta (* some wma pro files may require NEON support)
10 band graphical equalizer for all supported formats, presets, custom presets, per-song/per-output preset assignment
separate Bass and Treble adjucement
plays songs from folders and from system media library.
Download here:

Cricket T20 Fever 3D apk v1.2 for Android


Cricket T20 Fever 3D v1.2
Experience the best cricket game in full HD 3D graphics. You can play in a variety of modes including tournaments, ODIs, T20 Matches and the exciting Powerplay style match.
We have fixed an issue with SD card installation option available on handsets supporting version 2.2 and above.
Existing users: please delete and re-install the game.
We have added SD card installation option for handsets supporting Android OS v2.2 onwards.
Download here:

FallDown3D apk v1.3.6 for Android


FallDown3D v1.3.6
Imagine when you fall down in the 3D tube... changing directions as you tilt your phone to avoid the collisions. The longer you keep alive, the more points you will earn. Share your high scores in global leaderboards.
Modifications récentes :
Download here:

TouchMix HD apk v1.3.4 for Android


TouchMix v1.3.4
Pump up the volume and get ready to crack some beats!
Fly your fingers over the music in the all-new TouchMix by Gamevil- the most ecstatic rhythm game extravaganza optimized for Android devices.
Beats are generated throughout the entire screen, liberalizing the gameplay from the conventional scroll down button style rhythm games, giving a fulfilling satisfaction of musical pleasure while listening to high quality, vast layered audio samples used in each music.
Download here:

ZombieBooth apk v3.02 for Android


ZombieBooth v3.02
ZombieBooth transforms you and your friends into horrific 3D zombies that moan and groan looking for human flesh.
From a single portrait photo, you can instantly create an interactive zombie that will react to your tapping and swiping gestures - it might even try to bite off your finger!
You can also shake the phone to transform into different zombies.
Download here:

Crab'n Roll Lite apk v1.0 for Android


Crab'n Roll Lite v1.0
Don't get washed away!
Crab'n Roll is the latest arcade game where you get to relive all those fun beachside memories at the touch of a screen. Just steer your curious little crab along the beach and try to collect the food that's brought in by the waves.
Avoid any litter the waves bring in and move on the best path (as fast as you can!) in order to get the maximum number of points. Watch out for the seagull as he tries to catch you. Listen to the waves as they crash on the beach getting faster and faster but don't get washed away by them!
25 Levels, increasing in difficulty, from easy to impossible
25 items bring you food, litter and magic power-ups
Online high scores where you can compete with players around the world
Intuitive steering with multi-touch
Download here:

N64oid apk v1.1.3 for Android


N64oid apk v1.1.3 for Android
N64oid is the Nintendo 64 emulator optimized for Android.
* Run most games smoothly at a reasonable speed (if not full speed) with sound. This requires you have a high-end device (Nexus-S, Nexus-One, Droid, Samsung Galaxy, etc).
* Save/load game states at ANY points, as well as the in-game save support (SRAM, EEPROM, etc).
* A configurable, translucent on-screen keypad that is very easy to use.
* Key mappings to map game keys to hardware buttons.
* Option to use the G-sensor as the analog stick.
* A variety of settings that you can tune on your needs.
* N64oid is far from perfect now. But do expect it would be improved continuously and constantly.
Download here:

Make Me A Superhero Lite apk v1.9 for Android


Make Me A Superhero Lite apk version 1.9 for Android free Download
Have you wanted to be a superhero? Do you like creating costumed figures? Well, this game is for you. You can select your character and outfit him or her with a costume, weapons, accessories, and superpower. Get full version for more costumes and powers.
Download here:

Cyberlords apk v1.0.0 for Android


Cyberlords v1.0.0
The citizens of the Asgard Arcology are terrorized by corporate security forces. Lead the Resistance and save the world from total surveillance!
AD-FREE version!
It's the year 2173. The power of government is in decline and the world is controlled by gigantic megacorporations. People may have no political power, but they still have control over their own bodies. Powerful NanoGear implants grant superhuman abilities and transform bodies into deadly weapons. Lead your four-man team of augmented cyber-warriors on dangerous infiltration missions. Hack into camera systems and computer terminals, take over security robots and lure enemies into ambushes with mines and sentry guns. Stealth, clever tactics or brute force - the choice is yours, and remember: the future lies in your hands!
Download here:

Abyss Attack Shooter apk v1.24 for Android


Abyss Attack Shooter v1.24
Shoot strange creatures with your ship. Explore the underwater canyons to seek and destroy forgotten creatures in this beautifully animated shooter game.
* Beautiful creature movement using physics simulation
* Rich graphics
* 8 unique bosses

Abyss Attack Shooter HOW TO PLAY:
Move the ship by tilting your phone.
Pick up missiles and shoot them by tapping the screen (they seek targets automatically).
Avoid the creatures!
Phone processor speed of 1 GHz.Enjoy!
Download here:

DJ Mixer MP3 Player Lite apk v1.0.3 for Android


DJ Mixer MP3 Player Lite v1.0.3
Last night a DJ saved my life, yeah. This free trial app turns your smartphone into the life of the party. Take your on-device music library, compile and edit playlists and mix mp3s in realtime. Pro-features such as cue points and crossfades, both fully automatic and manually. DJ Mixer opens up a world of music mixing fun.
Download here:

Earthquake Alert! apk v1.5.1 for Android


Earthquake Alert! v1.5.1
See the latest Magnitude 1.0 and higher earthquakes from all over the World.
Earthquake Alert Features
Tab between map and list
Latest quakes in the World.
Filter what you see
Click quake to view on map
Map shows magnitudes
View details on USGS site
Alerts and Push notifications!
Easier filtering
Download here:

DopeWars Underground apk v13.0.0 for Android


DopeWars Underground v13.0.0
The objective is to make as much money as possible in 30 days buying and selling drugs. You've got the police and rival gangs interfering in your business. Here's a hot tip try to make a friend and a girlfriend clicking the question mark Buttons.
Please don't rate it low, just because you don't know how to play it, drop me an email, I'll be more than glad helping you.
Download here:

Space STG apk v1.5 for Android


Space STG v1.5
Space STG II is available in Android Market!
This is FULL version of Space STG - a sci-fi real-time strategy game.
Immerse yourself in a mortal war of clans. Explore solar systems,
manage cities and create a space fleet. Win the war or perish!

Space STG was developed for Android by Grzegorz Mackiewicz
Package name : org.ovh.grzegorzaeSTG
Space STG v1.5 Android MOBILE GAME Download
Download here:

Wacky Toons RPG apk v0.79 for Android


Wacky Toons RPG v0.79
Wacky Toons: Open-World RPG is one of the best and only open world action RPG games for Android." - UltraGirl's Game Guide
Freely explore the large and uniquely wacky world as Prince Purple Small Grape who is trying to save his kingdom and restore peace. This game has over 50 insanely funny quests to keep you busy. Each week more new quests are added for free!

Wacky Toons RPG v0.79 Features:
Over 50 quests and growing each week
True open world 'fallout-like' concept
Auto checkpoint system
Gain experience, gain more weapons
Simple inventory system to manage your items
Cross between Role-playing and Shoot-em-up
Blow up ANYTHING in your way!
Two control style options: Dynamic Joypad or simple tap-N-scroll
Dynamic Joypad location allows you to utilize the whole screen, no visual blockage!
Keywords: action, shooter, Role Playing Game, cartoon, funny
Download here:

PicSay Pro apk v1.4.1 for Android


Spice up the pictures on your phone with this award winning photo editor!
Sharpen, remove red eye, crop & straighten, distort, insert cutouts of other pictures, paint, make color splash out of black-and-white pictures, add text, word balloons, apply effects like Cross Process, Lomo, Vignette, faux HDR, Tilt-shift, Pencil Sketch, and much more.
Device Requirements:
- Requires Android 1.5 and up
- 1 MB of space
- Mount phone via USB cable
- Copy over .apk file to root of SD card
- Load up your prefered explorer app
- Locate the .apk file and select
- Install and enjoy
Download here:

SU File Manager and Terminal apk v3.71 for Android


Root Explorer with SU, Terminal, Search, mount, CHMOD, Symlink, view/edit/save, Run Scripts, Email, Home/Favs, Downloader, Multi-Select, Create/Extract Zip, PC Browser.
if you cant copy/paste you dont have busybox or its not installed right.
If the toolbar is cut off the DPI is not set standard, its the ROM not the app.
*ROOT Access & BB REQ*
What’s in this version:
Recent updates are bug fixes, as well as support for Gingerbread. Also added checker for BusyBox in case your device does not have it installed.
Better GingerBread Support
Requirements: Android 1.5+
Download here:

Reboot Control Widget apk v1.66 for Android


Reboot Widget
This Widget will allow you to reboot any device including
Hot Boot
Reboot to Recovery
Reboot to Bootloader
Power Off
Wipe Device
Do not move to SD card or it will disappear.
**Slowness is cause by the phone not the app**
What’s in this version:
Hot Boot Fixes
Preference option to remove wipe handheld added.
Requirements: ***ROOT ACCESS NEEDED***
Download here:

Rockit Player 1.3.2 for Android


A perfect music player for Android.
Rockit features:
* Library organized by artists, albums, ratings and folders.
* Reading music from a specific folder on SD card.
* Manual and automatic playlists: Recently Added, Unheard and Favorites
* CUE sheets support
* Equalizer (only Android 2.3 and higher)
* Last.FM, Twitter and Facebook integration.
* Lockscreen and homescreen widgets
* Automatic album cover art downloader
* Tag editor
* Your feature can be here – just propose it using Feedback menu!
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Download here:

NewsRoom – RSS News Reader apk v2.0.2 for Android


NewsRoom is the fastest and easiest way to stay in touch with the web on the go.
What’s in this version:
Recommended update. Includes stability improvements.
Requirements: Android 1.6+
Download here:

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